Rental studio


・Linoleum Flooring 102 sqm
・Dressing Room 10 sqm
・Free Wi-Fi
  • ◎3 Barres movable and height adjustable (Length: 2.4m×2, 3.7m×1)
  • ◎4 Barres movable (Height: 1m Length: 2.4m×2, 3m×2)
  • ◎Audio for CD, iPod, smartphone Pitch control available for CD
  • ◎Upright Piano,◎20 Yoga Mats,◎5 Stretch Poles
  • ◎Whiteboard,◎Table,◎10 Pipe Chairs


Purpose of use Price Available date
♢For Recital, Competition, Rehearsal, etc.

¥3,000 + tax / hour

Please contact us to check available day and time.

♢For Lecture, Workshop, Event, etc.

¥20,000 +tax for first 2 hours
¥5,000 +tax for each additional 30 minutes

Please contact us to check available day and time.


Reservations are allowed up to 2 months in advance.

Please send e-mail or make a phone call for reservations.
If no one answers the call, please leave a message on voice mail. We will contact you to complete your reservation.

Until then your reservation is not complete yet.
If you do not have reply in 5 days, please contact us again. We suggest you sending email because a contact often is absent.

Reservation is requested by the previous day.


Upon cancellation of a reservation, you will be charged a certain percentage of the total price as listed below.

If the reservation is canceled one week before the reserved day: FREE.

If the reservation is canceled 2-6 days before the reserved day: 50%.

If the reservation is canceled on the reserved day or previous day: 100%.

If no notice is received of cancellation: 100%.

Payment of cancellation charge must be made by bank transfer.

1.If you change the reservation time or shorten use time, we charge in the same way.

2.We may reject customer with repeated cancelation or unpaid fee.

Contact Information:Anteprima Incontro


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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